General Instruction

1. Every student should carry the school diary daily with him/her to the school.

2. Students should arrive at school in time.

3. All the students must be habitually clean and neatly dressed.

4. The prescribe school uniform is to be worn on all class days and at all school functions. 5

. The students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go. They should always remember that the school would be judged by their conduct. They should always greet their teachers, elders, and friends in a pleasant and audible tone of voice whenever they meet them in school or outside.

6. Care must be had for school property. The student must not scratch or spoil the desk, chair etc. write in chalk or pencil on the walls or in any way damage whatever belongs to the school. Damage done or notice should be reported at once.

7. Books, Stationary, Tiffin box, etc. should bear the name of the students, class and section.

8. The school is not responsible for valuable articles or money lost. The students are discouraged from bringing money, jewellery or other valuable to school.

9. Cycles must be kept looked in the cycle stand and never left standing about the ground unlocked. The school will not take any responsibility in case the cycle is lost.

10. Any student to be exempted from PT/Game or any other school activity he should produce a Doctor’s certificate to the effect that he/she is physically unfit to take part therein.

11. No one who is late or has been absent on the previous day will be admitted to class without the permission of the principle. Absence must be explained in a note signed by the parents/guardians.

12. Repated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than ten days renders liable to dismissal.

13. Students should never tamper with the entries made in their Progress Report cards and school diaries.

14. A students found copying or using unfair means even discover subsequently will be treated as failed in the particular subjected or paper.

15. Indiscipline is not allowed in the school . Students found guilty of indiscipline will be removed from the school.